Going thru a period of change in life, self inflicted or otherwise, is always a challenge. not sure whats worse the calm before the storm or the actual storm. i don’t know. either way its easy to be left busted and broken. keep moving forward. reaching out to those people that once helped is difficult but worth the world. people are always there to help, forget the rest. i used to seek help until i found the answer i wanted or created and piece together the answer I wanted. i find it so easy to be out on a limb by myself, not talking for asking..creating a world upon itself…but its only a matter of time before I get too far that that limb breaks.

music is a huge influence and not always in a good way lol

I’m losing my willpower
My blood’s running cold
My body’s on pause
My mind’s stuck on hold
There ain’t nothing I can do about it

but its always good to laugh